Basic And Advance Grammar

Basic And Advance Grammar


3 months (6 – 10years)

Grammar is fun to learn, it is the most simple and effective way to learn the fundamentals of English.

What’s in it for me?

Increases the fundamental knowledge and understanding of English grammar.

Makes you more confident to use the language.

It’s an engaging classroom which leaves you with rich experiences.


Basic grammar is a must to move ahead in any language. It is the most simple, effective and entertaining program for kids to teach fundamentals of English language arts.Live sessions makes the learning more interactive.

Online/ Offline
One-on-one Mentoring
Personalised Attention
Printable Workbooks
Low Student to Mentor Ratio

Curriculum outline for the course

Lesson – 1: Long and short Vowel sounds

Vowel sounds


Lesson – 2: Sentences

Sentences and its kinds

Subject and predicate

Lesson – 3: Punctuation

Lesson 4 & 5: Nouns

Proper and common nouns

Collective nouns

Masculine nouns

Possessive nouns

Singular plural nouns

Abstract nouns

Lesson – 6: Pronouns

Define pronoun

Kinds of pronouns

Lesson – 7: Articles

Usage of a, an, the

Lesson – 8: Verbs

Definition of verbs

Main verbs and helping verbs

Lesson – 9: Adjectives

Definition of adjective

Kinds of adjectives

Lesson – 10: Adverbs

Definition of adverbs

Kinds of adverbs

Lesson – 11: Prepositions

Lesson – 12: Vocabulary

Learning new words and applying them in sentences

Also included are the worksheets which have all the lesson material, information, examples and exercises.

Add Ons:

Detailed worksheets for the elaborate practices are provided. These can be purchased from shop.