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Your Opinions Matter

In this world full of a cacophony of noises, let yours be heard.
If we find your ideas worthy and opinions of substance, we will throw the limelight on you,
so that you shape this world with your ingenious ideas.

Step Up

Rise up and bag this opportunity by registering for the event.

Share your thoughts

Share your conviction on any topic of your choice* and send it across to us.

Gain a platform

Visit our Studio and amplify your ideas to a wider audience.

Check the rules for the choice of topic and other criteria here.

1. Any student, young professional or employee, aged between 13 to 30 years of age is eligible to participate.

2. The Topics chosen must be non-political in nature, avoiding any use of vulgar slangs or any kind of offensive language.

3. The Content must be intriguing, preferably relevant to the current scenarios in the world or the society at large and must be spoken from a neutral point of view, backed by facts and statistics instead of mere opinions.

4. A time slot of maximum 9 minutes is available for each speaker.

5. A panel of 3 judges will be adjudging the participants based on the following criteria- Content, Expression, Body Language and Grammar.

6. In the Second Round, the selected candidates will be required to visit the main office for their video to be shot while speaking.

7. The best out of the selected participants will be chosen based on the engagement received on their respective videos, in addition to the aforementioned criteria.

8. The Best Speaker will be awarded.

The candidates selected in the second round also get a chance to work with the entire Let’s Talk team for future events and projects.
Break a leg!
For any queries, contact- 7409468668
You may also drop a mail at- [email protected]

In this era of laid back arguments,
we need a voice of conviction.

Let that be your voice.

Join us now