Poetry Reciting

Poetry Reciting


Words like sweet honey that melt in the ears,

Flow like a clear stream passing through the woods,

Gestures like tragic queen that moves one to tears,

Grace like a gentle heroine passing by the brooks.

The poise of a true poet is unmatched. But merely putting down sophisticated ideas on a sheet of paper isn’t sufficient for one to be regarded as a poet. 

Poetry recitation is as much an integral part of a poet as is poetry writing. 

If you’re someone who wishes to learn the nuances of poetry recitation, from voice modulation to emphasis to evoking the audience’s emotions, the Poetry Recitation course is just for you!

Online/ Offline
One-on-one Mentoring
Personalised Attention
Printable Workbooks
Low Student to Mentor Ratio

Powerful Poetry (4 weeks) (4 – 7 years)

Lesson – 1

Word lists = 1 – 5

Word lists = 6 – 10

Word lists = 11 – 15

Word lists = 16 – 20

Word lists = 20 – 25

Number words and contractions

Lesson – 2:

Sentence and punctuation

Dates and lists


Lesson – 3:




Easily confused words

Lesson – 4:

Reading stories

Reading comprehensions

Lesson – 5:

Voice modulation