Professional Personality Course

Professional Personality Course

Professional Personality Course

Become Market-Ready

Do you dream of bagging the highest CTC package?

Do you visualise yourself working for an MNC?

Is your ambition to lead the team or the company someday?

Then answer this :-

“Why should we Hire you?”

It’s not us, but the Hiring Managers of Top Companies that love this question.

How does this help them?

Well, they easily see through the candidate when he/she answers this question and hire the one with the right set of soft skills which truly make him/her an asset for their company.

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One-on-one Mentoring
Personalised Attention
Printable Workbooks
Low Student to Mentor Ratio
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According to LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends Report, with the rise of automation changing the job market, 92% of talent professionals and hiring managers agree that candidates with strong soft skills are increasingly important.

Besides, even if you successfully ‘trick’ the company officials to hire you, which by itself is a very bleak possibility (Sorry! fake resumes don’t work in big companies), you will not be able to sustain your professional journey for a very long time.

Quoting the same report, 89% of hiring managers feel that “bad hires” typically have poor soft skills. As rightly stated by Rick Stephens,Senior Vice President of HR, The Boeing Corporation, We hire for hard skills. We fire for soft skills. 

Do you really want to take this chance with your career?

If not, then start right or ‘start over’ right with The Talk Room’s Professional Personality Course.

Become a competent, dynamic, self-aware, creative and irreplaceable professional,who is not only prepared to crack interviews but also break through all corporate challenges with ease!

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