Story Telling Courses

Story Telling Courses


Story Telling (Tell your Tales) (8 weeks) (4 – 10 years)

Storytelling is a valuable and precious art, it opens the gateways to imagination and creativity.

What’s in it for me?

A child will be able to interpret the meaning of the story, it opens horizons of imagination. A child will be confidently able to say a story after the classes.

Lesson – 1: Reading fables to students. Use space for words, sentences and pictures.

Lesson – 2: Reading stories and putting up questions.

Lesson – 3: Teaching moral concept and discussion.

Lesson – 4: Dissecting and creating a story.

Lesson – 5: Storytelling worksheet activity.

Lesson – 6: Creating your own story.

Lesson – 7: Voice modulation

Lesson – 8: Use of props

Lesson – 9: Confidence Building

Lesson – 10: Stage Presence

Lesson – 11 and 12: Practicing the stories

By the end of the classes, the child learns to say a story with confidence, does property use the props, is conscious of presenting herself/ himself on the stage

Online/ Offline
One-on-one Mentoring
Personalised Attention
Printable Workbooks
Low Student to Mentor Ratio